I was at a children’s church play tonight with my friend George.  A guy that loves God and our country.  We lamented about how our country seems to be turning from God.  Just like the people of Israel did over and over.  Congress, politicians, right, left, black, white….it does not matter.  The tide is a changing. 

I get home tonight and see the article about a boy who drew a crucifix and got in trouble.  It is like when my young son took his plastic cowboy gun and holster, cowboy hat, boots, the whole 9….it was dress up day at preschool and he wanted to be a cowboy.  Clinical nurse there thought his parents must be violent and twisted.  Guess we are…..both pastors and my wife runs the school…  the tide is a changing.

So this boy gets in trouble and has to be evaluated because of such a heinous drawing.  Look. This is real.  We have got to pray for each other.  For our country.  For our leaders.  We are not doing so well.  OK, if the kid took a kitchen butcher knife or a 44 mag,…. ok…put him in the pad room and be careful.  But a drawing of Jesus on the cross at Christmas time?  God help us. 

this is the link if you want to read the story.