I milked one of those artificial Walmart, have the lights already on it, Christmas trees for about 10 years.  My wife balked and it went out this year…in the trash.  I thought we could keep it for another year.  But, as usual, she wins.  However, we will be gone the bulk of the Christmas holiday.  So we decided that we could go without a tree, lights, all the decorations that go with it.  At least this year.  Now, this is fine for me and my wife,….really ok with the 12 and 15 year old.  They understand the rationale of being gone and not back until January 4….then having to take everything down, all the fuss…… Santa Clause is out of the bag……  But then my little 4 year old is not quite as understanding….  and he is still looking for Santa.

One of my co-workers found out about this and bought a tree,..ostensibly for my office….but she carried it out to my truck and had me take it home yesterday.  I went home early, set the tree up, plugged it in…..fiber optic, blinking lights…solid white, red balls on it….   Then my little boy came home.  He was blow the top off exuberant.  He said Santa Clause can now come to our house.  Santa Clause can now come to our house….because daddy put up a tree.

I could not help but think what things at my house ,….that my family saw,….not just a tree, that represented barriers to not just Santa Clause, but also,…well, Jesus, to love, to access to their dad, to belongingness, to self-worth….  I began to think about my attitudes, my words, my actions, my judgements, ….. my personality or demeanor…. that may….truthfully, at times, limit stuff in my life and my family’s life.

So, this tree is sort of helping me understand just how important I am in what I represent at our home.  Santa Clause can come now….hopefully a whole lot more too!