The neighbors across the street moved.  I know this because of the big U-Haul truck that has been in the driveway for a few days now.  And when I got home tonight….the house was vacant. 

I never really got to know them even though I have been here 4 years now.  They kept to themselves and sort of rebuffed several attempts by us to communicate.  Maybe you have someone like this too….  we would say hello and they would turn their heads and not speak.  So, after a while…we gave up.  (See how I sort of blame them for the lack of relationship?) 

Well, they are gone.  Husband, wife and 2 year old daughter.  I never got to really get to know them.  It is really my fault and not theirs.  I had been prompted by the Holy Spirit to invite them to come over to our pool during the summer and swim and do some hamburgers.  But I didn’t even though I saw them watching us swim and have a good time with other friends.  I had been prompted by the Holy Spirit to get something  for the newborn child 2 years ago, which would obviously melt any mom’s heart.  But I didn’t even though they mentioned to me they saw we adopted a young boy.  I was prompted by the Holy Spirit to just go over and introduce my family to them….but the longer I procrastinated…the easier it got to procrastinate. 

Now, they have moved on.  Bo and April….gone.  And I disobeyed urgings from the Holy Spirit.  Now I am not gripped with guilt about this…..just disappointed in myself for letting an obvious call from the Holy Spirit go to waste. 

So, tonight, I called a buddy of mine that the Holy Spirit had been saying to encourage.  I don’t know how much good it did or not.  That is not for me to judge.  So, the reason for this post?  Before someone is  “moving on” in your life….and if  you are like me in any way….maybe not jumping on it to share just  your life with them….maybe give it a try….before they….move on.