We have these refrigerator magnets at our house that are little pieces of wood with a magnet on the back of them.  My wife is the director at the pre-school at our church.  She is always bringing home these things that kids can manipulate.  These specific ones are different colors and different shapes.  Yellow, red, green, orange and they are square, round, triangular, curved and rectangular.

I would come home each day and see these in a different shape on the refrigerator.  A different creation each day.  They are really near the floor and the shapes formed by this hodge podge of colors and different size blocks has been amazing.  I asked my wife ……..and she said she has not been doing them.  I asked my 15 and 12 year old daughters and they said they had not.  That left my 4 year old son.  But I just could not believe that he….that a little child, …. could be making these shapes with these odd blocks on the refrigerator.

So I asked  him……   I think he had been waiting for someone to notice.  He told me he had been making the “things” and offered to show me.  And show me he did.  I was awestruck at some little shapes and forms that he brought together as houses, men, animals, forts, buildings, …..  all from little blocks with magnets on them.  How could he have thought of all of this?  How could he ever visualize this in his little mind?

Or is it my little mind?

Isaiah 55:8 says, “My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, says the Lord.”  You see; it is my mind that could not comprehend all the different things that can be created with a little time and attention. 

So I thought…. if I limit what I think my son can do…. how much do I limit what God can actually do in my life?  The real answer is ….. I limit a lot of what God can do in my life.  Refrigerator magnets, a 4 year old and God.  Who would have ever thought.