So, he is human too! 

I remember Jimmy Swaggard, John Edwards, Bill Clinton, Ted Haggard, New York Governor, Carolina Senators, Kobe, David Letterman the list goes on and on…and on and on….and on an on.  Just when it is someone like Tiger Woods, or anyone with celebrity status….it interests us….. 

Now, I am not a Tiger fan, I don’t play golf and I am not trying to reduce what occurred.  But it is hard to rank mistakes that another guy makes against my own mistakes (nice word for my sin). 

Jesus says this in Matthew 5:27-28, “You have heard it said of them of old time…(he means the 10 commandments), that thou shall not commit adultery.  But I say unto you,  whoever looks on another woman to lust after her has committed adultery with her already in her heart.” 

Bingo.  Guilty today.  Me.  She was a beautiful woman that walked by and then into my office complex.  I caught myself desiring.  I did not follow up on any of it but it was a sharp reminder to me to be careful how I am amused at another man’s missteps when…..I am just as culpable.  I was watching the unfolding of Tiger’s on line confession…..then this young woman comes in.

Don’t make it right.  Don’t make it acceptable.  Sin is sin.  Tiger is a celeb but this whole sin stuff is between us, singly…and God.  Jesus died for this sin.  Bible says He is faithful and just to forgive……..all unrighteousness, all sin.

 I am pretty glad for that….because I seem to have a bunch of it.  Just like Tiger!