Well, over the Thanksgiving holiday, one of my daughters, 15 years old, went to the movies with her friends.  Mom took her and was picking her up.  Mom wanted popcorn when the kids came out because mom loves popcorn…with butter.  So, daughter was supposed to come out with a buttered popcorn…give to mom on the way out after the movie. 

Daughter comes out and tells mom that the clerk at the popcorn counter is not taking cash and as a result, daughter can not get mom any popcorn.  Mom could have made a scene because you know and I know that they take cold hard cash for popcorn…and a lot of it for a little popcorn.  But mom took the high road.  I was proud of mom.

Mom got daughter home after all the kids were dropped off and confronted daughter about the “popcorn lie.”  Daughter confessed that she just did not want to be  bothered with getting mom popcorn and that she was sorry.  Score one for daughter being truthful….this time… 

Matthew 25 talks about a master and servants.  The master gives the 3 servants different amounts and two of the servants make a lot with the little that the master gave them.  One servant was not faithful with even a little and as a result, had what was taken from him away.  Jesus told the ones that had been faithful with the little that, “because you have been faithful with a little….I will give you a lot.”  Mom worked the same way.  Mom told daughter,…If I can’t trust you with telling the truth about popcorn…how can I trust you with the important stuff?  I was proud of mom….and daughter fessed up….after she was busted..I was proud of her too.  Mom, however, did not get any popcorn that day.  Popcorn lie got the best of her.