Not something spoken about.  Not something taught about…at least not formally….but something real…  Don’t believe me, well, if you are a guy…then you know what I am talking about.  If you are not a guy…then ask a significant male in your life.  He can tell you about Men’s Urinal Etiquette or Men’s Urinal “space”…that very private space no one should get into.

In a men’s restroom,…you never go to the middle urinal if there are 3 urinals.  You always go to the end ones.  That reduces the chance of someone coming in next to you.  Getting in your “space”.  Uncomfortable thing  in the men’s room. 

I have been on this fatherhood and husbandhood kick for a week or so.  Thought I would share some of my life.  And what does a urinal etiquette have to do with fatherhood or being a husband?  Choose the wrong one and you are in a bad spot.   It is just not good. 

I had a friend of mine….get in my space.  He saw, many years ago, that I was not the dad, the husband, the person I should have been…..  He told me I needed to make a choice.  I needed to take action one way or the other…. and the other way was a way of destruction of my family.  This cat got in my space.  The urinal right beside me… did not cut me any slack.   I did not like it.  No not one bit.  But God began to deal with me….and He got in my space too. 

I made a change.  Became the dad and husband I should have been.  I am glad that I changed.  Now…20+ years later…..I am glad my friend got in my space….in my private stuff….and set me right.  Thanks Jody, it made me a better man.