Good luck!    Ephesians 6:4 says that Fathers should, “not exasperate your children;  Instead, bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord.”  I think I am ok in bringing them up in the training and instruction of the Lord.  I have been called by God to teach the Gospel.  I have brought most of my children to salvation through Jesus Christ and the Gospel. (despite how messed up I am at times myself)  I have and continue to teach them in every moment that I can.  I have a load of fun with them in showing them God’s principles and just how He works…..

I have trouble with the exasperation part….especially in the evening….when I am trying to get them fed….get homework finished…get clothes in the hamper….get showers/baths…get dishes cleaned up…get lunches made…get pajamas on…get bedtime stories done….get blogs done….get my work done for the next day….spend time with my wife….read what I need to teach on next….spend a few minutes with myself (yea..right)…and then to do all this so that I do not exasperate my children.  Sometimes I want to give up!

Exasperate means to not make them enraged….great chance with teenagers….it means to not make them negative.

It is a tough job being a dad.  This scripture says….fathers…not mothers…so I can’t push this off on my wife (like I would like to do) and go in my hole and hide….so the gig is on me.  It is on you fathers….  So, I just tell you that I have a  hard time with times…as they want to get on the internet, not take the shower, not do the homework, not clean up, not do what I say…not get this all done by 830pm each night….well, they are kids… I am the dad….I am glad I am!  I love my life and my family.

Dads….work on not making them angry…get them on your side…as I try to also. louie