That is what this man was,…..crippled.  He was lowered down through the roof by some friends.  He was desperate.  Jesus was teaching and as the man lay there on his mat, lame, unable to get up….  Jesus told him that his sins were forgiven.  The man did not ask for that, he came for a healing.  He wanted to walk but he got words.  He wanted to be healed and all Jesus said…at first was….your sins were forgiven…  This man was not worried about sins….he was worried about walking. 

Those around Jesus, especially the religious leaders, were outraged that Jesus could declare someone could be forgiven.  So, Jesus posed a rhetorical question to those who wondered what he could do.  He posed the question, “would it be easier for someone to forgive sins or to tell them to take up their bed and walk? “

Words are cheap.  Jesus knew that and everyone around knew it too!  So, as they looked on and as Jesus was exhaling the last syllable of the answer, he turned to the crippled man and told him to take up his bed and walk.  And he did. 

I think about the things that cripple us today.  We may not be on a mat, in a wheelchair or use a cane, but I suspect that there are things that cripple us today.   I have had a lot of things that crippled me….and I am healthy.  Got stuff that cripples you today?  I do!  Get this stuff out.  Present yourself to Jesus…  right now.  He can handle it.       Read this account in Luke