When I was a young boy,  I wanted a bicycle.  I picked one out and my dad let me make payments to the owner of our local Western Auto Store…the at the time Walmart.  I did not know that my dad and the owner of the store, Mr. Shields,  had worked out a deal that I came in each week on what I made cutting lawns and delivering newspapers to pay off my bicycle….and Mr.  Shields would give the money back to my dad because he had already paid for the bicycle…in full.   It meant something to me but the deal was already made by my dad.  And I found out when I was grown, that my dad, actually never took the money from me…he put it into a savings account for me….with interest.  So I got more that what I put into it.

The people of Israel had been slaves for about 400 years and they were leaving slavery, getting out of Dodge.  But, just out of the goodness of God’s heart, He had the Egyptians give the people of Israel gold and silver.  This is recorded in Exodus 12:35-36

You see, God has a plan for us to prosper.  God has the wealth of the wicked stored up for us.  He put what the people of Israel needed into a savings account for over 400 years.  With Interest.

God has us covered.  He has stored up what we need in Jesus Christ.  Our health, our healing, our salvation, our life and it is in the bank for us.  It is one of those odd concepts that we just can have what we need because God has our back.  The scriptures  in Psalms 68:19, says that God daily loads us with benefits.  He has for us what we need…with interest.