My mom is the best cook in the world….I talked to her yesterday and she told me how to cook a specific thing….and she added that I needed to season the food…(fried pork chops) just so.      Seasoning!

Just today….in one day…I had occasion to discuss with three men….by the way…three men of God…seasons in their lives.  One is bigger than life, life of the party, big guy with a big heart.  Orange flame shirt!  Another is a family man, full of the prophetic, full of the anointing of God.  Another, a man who knows the bible better than any human being I have ever met.  A compendium of bible knowledge and memorization.  They all three are going through different struggles, different hardships…different seasons.  Seasoning. 

Ecclesiastes 3 tells a story about the seasons in life.  Times for things to occur in life.  It is a story of contrasts…juxtapositions.  Times that we all go through.  Times that are green and times that are black.  Times of life and times of death.  Times of growth and times of pruning.  Times of tears and times of laughter.  All three of these men, stalwarts of the Gospel,….are in times of tears right now, times of mourning, of tearing down, times of war, times of searching, times of gathering.  Seasoning.

What I want to say to you now…right now, is that if you are in a time of down, dark, searching….time of despair…that this may be a season in your life.  The original language for season means an appointed  time…Appointed by God…now, before you get your feathers wet…I do not think it is something God “causes” but something that God…well, uses…to season you.  Now, I am struggling with this “sovereignty” thing and have switched thinking on it….but…God is above all this…He can use anything to … well, season us.