How can we kill our own?  Complex thing to determine…  solders in the military are brothers.  They should protect each other…they protect us.   How can brother turn against brother? There are examples in the bible about brother turning against brother.

Genesis 4:8 is a verse where this occurs.  Cain did not like his brother Abel…and killed him.  Cain was jealous…his heart was not right with God.  Hard for us to fathom.  Killing our own..  It is hard to fathom today.  It had a profound impact on that family…death and separation from God always does.

Fort Hood.  Daytona Beach.  Eden.  All places of murder.  The scriptures go further in Genesis 4 where Cain asks God….”am I my brother’s keeper.”  We are…I am…you are….  Are we keeping our brother today?