I have a young guy that cuts my grass.  He does the whole row of  houses in our neighborhood.  When I moved in a few years ago, he came to me on day one and told me not to buy a lawn mower that he would take care of me quicker and cheaper than I could….and that my place would look great.  He was right.

I was late for work today.  Had stuff pile up on me and just could not get it all together.  Just a bummer day to get going.  So, I am headed out and there is my yard guy.  He is a good guy but is always going 100 mph around the yards.  Never has time to talk…..but today he stops…because I am late for work….and wants to tell me about his sick mother…really sick.

I realize now why I was late for work.  There in my yard, with a pressing need for to get to the “office” is a guy who needs to talk.  It immediately reminded me of the cat who was jumped and needed help….but 2 guys walked by…too busy to stop and the last one stayed and helped the one in need.  This is recorded in Luke 10

In my yard, weedwacker in hand..surrounded by the smell of freshly cut grass…me late for work…..me and my yard man stood and prayed. 

Now, if you have ever been in need,…like I have,.. like I am….to just have someone listen, to have someone care, to have someone pray for you; then you know what just a few minutes of prayer can do.  It moves God and soothes man.  Be watching out when you are late for work…someone might need you.