Does not sound too politically correct does it?  But that is what I was hearing today at a local popular children’s park…jam packed full of kids.  This dad was one of those retro dads.  Spiked blonde hair straight up.  Tats everywhere, piercings all over, black converse tennis shoes, low slung shorts, gothic print on a tee-shirt that it took the whole day to read and then you could not understand it.  Wallet with a big chain on it.  Leather belt with some unknown sentence on it.   

OK.  I am one of those straight-laced kind of folks but the tats, the hair, the clothes, the whole deal does not turn my screws because I know that God does not look on the outer man…..and quite frankly…the cat was not that far out.  And who is to say what is “normal” and what is “abnormal”.  I could be the wierdo…who cares about that stuff.

What I was hearing was this dad…with a 2 or 3-year-old son…and the son looked just a tad bit like he was slow…it was the look of a young boy who was not totally developed…and the dad was saying to the boy…in a very  loud voice so all could hear it…Say, “I am a retard” and the young boy would repeat it…then the dad would say it over and over and over as the dad swung the boy back and forth in the swing…and the  boy would mindlessly repeat it…”I am a retard”,  “I am a retard”,  I am a retard”.  Man, it just broke my heart.

The scriptures say that in our words are life and death…blessings and cursings….that we can choose life and death…blessings and cursings…This father chose to speak into this young boy retardation…

My children noticed it too….we had time to talk about this tonight…We decide…every day,…we determine to choose words of life.  Choose blessings for you and your family.  It does not matter what me or you looks like…that has nothing to do with anything…our words do.  Choose blessings today.