Ever worried about your kids fingers getting caught in the door of your vehicle?  Ever had your fingers caught in the door?  My son is 4 years old.  He sits in the back seat of my truck in a car seat and closes the back door of my truck by himself.  Guess you can figure out where this is going? 

Today, he closed the back door and got his fingers caught in the door between the back and front door.  It was one of those moments that a dad just hurts all over.  My younger 12-year-old daughter was in the front seat and did not see what had occurred.  I told her at like 130 decibels…open your door…(which would relieve the pressure on my son’s fingers that were caught).  She looked at me with some curiosity…but pretty pretty quickly obeyed.  Then she saw and understood why to obey dad at a split second was important.  You see, I could see something she could not see.  Her obedience was important right then. 

Reminds me of Abram in Genesis 12.  The Lord tells Abram to “go to a land I will show you”.  God does not tell Abram where this land is…God does not tell Abram how to get there… God does not tell Abram what will happen if he does not obey…God just shouts at Abram at about 130 decibles to go to a land I will show you………because Abram’s dad, Terah was told the same thing and Terah did not obey….and Terah…died where he ended up.  In Haran…a dry place.

God has told me to do things….and I have lingered…..I have sort of just waited for some big,….”sign”.   It is because I can not see what God can see.   My son had his fingers stuck in the door and he needed relief and my daughter needed to obey what I said immediately in order for my son not to suffer…

Wonder how much I have suffered because I did not immediately obey?  Can God see something in your life….like mine….that we can not see…but we need to obey?