I am on the road and out of the office.  I will be back Monday (or Sunday night) with another blog. 

Hope you will hang with me and be back Monday.

I am on the road…so I could not help but think about two other men on the road…on the road to Emmaus…they were heading away from Jerusalem.  I was headed away from Daytona Beach…Jesus had been crucified…and said he would arise and had arisen…but these 2 cats did not wait for him…I guess they really did not listen to what Jesus said when Jesus said to wait here for me.   In 3 days I will arise.

I wonder how many times I did not listen to Jesus?  I wonder how many times I walked away?  On this 7 hour drive over here…I had time to think.  I am not really proud of myself when I think about just how many times I have failed to listen to what Jesus had to say to me.  I think I may have missed the mark many times…  Headed toward Emmaus.

See you here on Monday.