Drove from Daytona to Panama City today for some work stuff.  Stopped at a gas station to re-fuel and stretch.  I gathered up all the trash in the car and put it in the dumpster.  It was pretty nasty in there…really smelly and just nasty.  You don’t want to see what is in there.   Then I thought about the young girl in north Florida that was killed and put into the trash..found in a landfill in Georgia…… 

Get to the motel and fire up email to get some of my work done.  I stop and read James 4:14 where it says that life is but a vapor, some versions say a mist….then I check on my buddy Mike Ellis’ blog….and he did  a blog on this.  He says it better than me.   But he gets personal….check out his blog and see if you want to see what is in the dumpster.