I have one of those portable basketball goals on the edge of my driveway.  One of those that you put water in the base and you can move it around.  Well, it has been there for some time…and we use it a lot.   I live within a couple of miles of the beach and salt corrosion is always a problem.  Well, it got rusty and I had to tear it down this afternoon.  I immediately saw the patch of dead grass it left, the expense of having to buy another one and the immediate problem of dismantling it for the garbage man tomorrow morning.  3 problems.  My 4-year-old son saw it differently.  He immediately saw a brand new dirt patch to play in, to dig up and to just have fun.  And he did just that.  Play in the dirt.

Guess it is a matter of perspective.

Jesus was that way too.  He was teaching a room full of people.  Mark 2 says that there was not even any room outside.  Standing room only church service.  There was this crippled man who had some friends that wanted in.  They were 4 guys that were disruptive, inconsiderate and would not give up.  They pulled the tiles off of the roof, lowered their friend into the middle of the mix,…messed up Jesus’  thought processes and patterns on his sermon….and let this cat right down in the middle of things. 

Jesus was like my son Tyler.  He saw an opportunity and not a problem.  Jesus did not care about the mess the roof removal made, did not care about the interruption, did not care about the commotion…he saw an opportunity to heal a man.  It gave Jesus joy because this is what Jesus does.  It gave my son joy to play in a new patch of dirt because that is what a 4-year-old boy does…play in the dirt.

Got stuff that looks like a problem?  May be an opportunity for you and God.  Play in the dirt.