Friday afternoon at sunset was the beginning of the Jewish Sabbath…sundown Friday until sundown Saturday.  These cats had a big meal on Friday night where they all sat together, ate together.  They would turn off Sponge Bob, Fox News, CNN, (Chris Matthews on CNBC for the liberal Jews), Oprah and NBC Nightly News…. and the father would speak blessings over their children. 

Years ago, I began to speak  blessings into my children…but I did not wait until Friday.  I made up silly little songs and rhymes to them about how much they meant to me.  I never really knew how much it meant until one of them was telling me a story about how they remember me speaking to them about the things that I loved about them…  We called it…”Let me tell  you three things about you that I love”  and we would tell each other things that we loved about each other. 

I did it with my kids first because that was easy…then I went to my wife…I now do it sort of undercover with my parents, my employees, my pastors, and some folks at church that mean a lot to me.  With my kids…it is still the “3 things game”.  With others, it is just what I do…because I know how good it  feels for those around me to tell me things that I do that they love me for. 

On this Friday…give this stuff a try…  Tell someone …  start with maybe one thing that you intentionally want  to tell them that they do well… and if you can think of 2 or maybe 3… put it on them.  You will not believe the results.