If you have gone up on a mountain, not driving the Blue Ridge Parkway,…but being up, going up a mountain, on foot, especially with a heavy pack or load…then you know it can be dangerous.  Isaac, the son of Abraham, figured that out pretty quickly as he was going up the mountain with his dad, Abraham to worship God. … as Isaac had a pile of wood on his shoulders for a burnt offering..and no offering toburn…none…nada…not even a squirrel in tow.  Looks like dangerous worship to me for Isaac!

Abraham, around 100 years old was with his son, Isaac, around 16 or so, and were going to worship the Lord on the mountain.  An old father and a young strapping stong wood carrying son…his promised son.  Father and son got on the side of the mountain and left the servants that helped them get there.  Father and son kept going up the mountain and the son continued to ask, “where is the sacrifice”.  Abraham said, God has it covered.  The story completes itself with Isaac being strapped on the wood and Abraham going to sacrifice him…when God had it covered with an animal in a bush nearby.

Couple of thoughts about this sort of dangerous worship.  First, you have to prepare, despite what you see with your eyes.  No sacrifice apparent.  Prepare the wood, the fire, the knife, the trip…all of it.  Second, the way may be hard,…carrying wood and provisions up a mountain and no real resolution in sight.  You may not want to go..maybe it is too hard, too inconvenient, to “not planned well enough”.   Third, you prepare and work through any obstacles (call it overcome if you like) and the results are a closeness with, a conversation with, a togetherness with God as you obey. 

You may be depressed,..like I seem to get sometimes, you may be in trouble, in debt, in a crack, in a slump, you may be going up a hill with wood on your shoulder and someone with  you has a lighter and knife…try this.  Be prepared to worship God.  He may just be there waiting on you.