The refresh button is right near the pull down menu of the browser that shows the history of sites you have visited.  This refresh button will refresh the browser or sites. 

 Matthew 11:28, Jesus says that any of us that labor, work, toil, hit it hard and are heavy with burdens……we should go to Him and He will, (not maybe, not I might if I get time, not,…when I get a minute…..but will) give us rest….

I checked out this word and found that it means….refresh.  Like a refresh button on our computer. I had a tough week at being a Dad last week.  The computer does not work like it should…the constant demands from the kids and they don’t seem to understand what it takes to be a parent…then I get short with them because……well, because they are kids…my bad…then I get disappointed with me because I get short with the kids…a vicious cycle.  Maybe it is just me!

So, I took the 2 youngest and we went on hike this weekend…sort of reset our relationships…walked a good little hike for the kids and a refreshing one with me…sort of hit the reset button.  It ended at an overlook of a beautiful salt marsh and creek.  We had lunch and just chilled there for a while.  I needed it more than they did.  I was just stressed to the max at being a dad…something I really love being.

Want refreshment?  Head toward Jesus….he says….come to me…all of you that labor and are heavy laden….that was me this past week…

Now,…my computer is still messed up so that I can’t access ITunes…guess it is no big deal in the larger scope of things.  Just needed to get that into perspective.