On the road today.  Sorry for the late post.

My youngest daughter is 12 and has an infected finger.  Medicine for a few days was, I thought doing the thing.  She comes in after 9pm last night with is swollen up like a persimmon, burning, red, stinging, she says she can’t sleep….obviously we have to do something….now..not later.  We are leaving town for 3 days…it is late, need to pack…now it is obvious we need to go to the emergency room and it will cost dearly in time and money.  So, my wife volunteers…I stay with the other kids, get them to bed, try to pack….and I am beat to death tired….and I have a crappy attitude about this…inconvenience…this trial…this temptation.

At midnight, my wife calls me…out of the ER, on the way to Walgreens for more medicine…daughter’s finger now cut open to get all the puss out.  Then I think about James 1:2, “count it all joy when you fall into different trials”… some version say, consider it all joy when you fall into temptations or trials….regardless of the version…this is saying that you should count it or consider it a delight when you happen to fall into a pile of crud late at night, thinking about how much it will cost emergency room vs. primary  care physician, thinking about all you have to do before you leave in the early early morning, thinking about why didn’t you tell me at 6pm, thinking about why did I not look at her finger before I started getting ready to leave because I am the dad…is leaving on a trip more important than your child…..so….

I considered it.  I am the dad.  I have kids that need me.  After thinking about it all day…after considering it…I think I could have been a better dad.  I should have thought about her infected finger more closely vs. trying to get ready for my “business trip”.  I considered it.  I found where I can be a better dad.  I am joyous about how God revealed that to me…well, it hurts some to tell you the truth.  I need to work on this stuff….while I consider it. ….  See you tomorrow. louie