It was a rainbow. 

I was in Orlando coming back to Daytona Beach with 2 of my daughters.  It was one of those oppressively hot, extremely humid days where the clouds towered high.  It was a Florida late afternoon when the air conditioner in the car is the most valuable thing in the world, and it worked hard to keep up with the heat and humidity.  Then, the late afternoon thunderstorm where you think it can not get any hotter….but on I-4 in traffic just after the storm…it does get hotter.

Then, as the rain slowed…the most beautiful rainbow.  A covenant.  A promise between God and Noah…but also with us.  This sign that God will not flood the earth again.  But there are other covenants…other promises…

He will no leave us or forsake us.  That we have dominion over the earth.  That we are one with Him.  That we can choose to never be apart from him…in eternal life. 

God has a covenant with us.  Sunday afternoon it was a rainbow after a storm with my girls and a wonderful opportunity to talk about God’s promises to us.  Today, for us…it is a cross.  If you are struggling today with decisions, like I am, like my friends are,…remember the covenant…My Grace Is Sufficient For You…for my power is made perfect in weakness.  That is what the scriptures say and it is just as much a promise as a Sunday afternoon rainbow.