Another celebrity falls.  A funny one too!  Well, not a funny fall but a funny celebrity.  David Letterman talks about hitting it up with staffers.  This is not an unusual thing.  Folks at work hit it off all the time.  I remember some sociology from college where it was said that closeness breeds familiarity and familiarity breeds liking.  Of course, being a big powerful multi-millionaire does not hurt either.  But let there be no mistake.  It aint all about money and power.  It is about sin, plain and simple.

Now, I wish I could say that I was immune from the same gig that Letterman fell into… but I am not.  In the right circumstances, the right timing, the right mindset and I could drop the bag like Letterman and countless others.  I just hope I do not.  I work hard on it anymore. 

I made this post short so you could go to the link on 1 Corinthians 10 that talks about our….us…all of us….man or woman,….that can really really mess up.  The version is The Message.  Check out this link and how easy it is to mess up.

And be glad if you have not messed up, not just sexual sin but any kind of stuff….and return to God as His redemption, his son has paid it all for you and for me.  Seems like I am heading back to God all the time for my mess ups.  I am just glad He is there!