I notice that I use a lot of dots in my electronic communications…  usually three dots. 

… I wonder if I did what my buddy Russell Hollowayrecommended and reframe the situations in my life so that I would be more focused on God in my everyday life?

…I wonder if I was as excited about helping people like my buddy Mike Ellis is,…would my life be more enriched? (you ever seen his flame shirt?)

…I wonder if I took off several days like my brother Frank (he does not have a site…he is too busy helping people)… I wonder if I took off and worked one on one with a group of men like he is doing,…if I would find out more about myself?

Sometimes I wonder if I use too many dots?  I guess that when I use these dots … I am thinking about … well, how I can be a better husband, father, brother, son, and boss …. (sometimes I use more dots).

So, I am just taking today to think about my walk with God.  I am reflecting…I read this really neat post today  (thank you Anne for helping me look)  that has sort of cranked me toward taking a look in the mirror.  May you too look in the mirror …..  really deep….and see God in you and you in Him today… to be what He wants you to be.