Part of what I do is be able to be around students that are being trained in shooting weapons.  I like weapons. 

Some students have a military or police background and are very familiar with weapons.  Other students have never touched a firearm.  These students are first and foremost taught safe handling of weapons.  Gun Control.  This is not a political statement but I believe in gun control.  Everyone should know how to safely control a gun.  You see, in the carnal world, there are bad guys that want to hurt you.  After 22 years in law enforcement, I had several people try to hurt me.  Also, during that time, I saw countless people injured at the hands of bad people.  I think that a well armed person has a better chance against a bad guy in the physical..  Gun Control.

In the spiritual world, there are bad people too.  The scriptures say that we do not wrestle against flesh and blood but against powers and principalities.  It also says that the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty for tearing down strongholds.  So, in the spiritual world, you need to know how to do battle and if in battle, you need to master gun control.  Your weapons. 

The word of God is a weapon.  It can be used effectively to do battle.   But you need to have gun control.  And to have gun control, you need to be handling the gun.  If you have not been in the word of God lately…yes this blog is good, as many others.   Pick up the bible and get into it some.  It has changed my life…..and I can keep the bad guys away easier.