My daughter was asking me about this Cain and Abel offering thing.  Cain and Abel were the sons of Adam and Eve.  Cain was the first born and Abel the next.  When they were bringing their offerings to God,.. Genesis 4:3-4, says, “Cain brought an offering of the fruit of the ground” and “Abel brought of the firstlings of his flock and of their fat portions.”  The record goes on to say that the Lord had regard for the offering of Abel but not of Cain.  God liked Abel’s but Cain’s was leftovers. 

Cain was a farmer, a tiller of the ground.  However, livestock was always part of a farm.  So, there was livestock there, however, Cain brought the easy offering, the excess, the part that did not cause too much discomfort.  He brought an offering of the fruit of the ground.  Not the best of anything.   The leftovers.   Abel, he brought the first, the young, the fat, the costly and offered it to God.  You see, Cain offered just and offering.  Abel offered the best.  This giving thing is an issue of the heart. 

We can just give what time, talent and money that we have left over.  Or we can give the best and the first of what we have.  If we prioritize God in our giving, what we tend to do is to prioritize God in other areas of our lives.  The giving is just a part of it. 

God wants the best of our lives.  Yes, in our giving and in everything.  He wants our best because that is the best for us.  Leftovers….well, I eat them at home but I really like a fresh piece of hot, medium rare tenderloin.  God does not need…..he wants….us, the best of us.  Not our leftovers.  Because our leftovers are what we tend to …. well, toss to the ground because we no longer want them.