Simon Cowell, Randy and whoever is next with them.  An american icon like baseball.  It is American Idol because millions of Americans call in each week to voice their votes to crown the next american idol, the next talent.  It is amazing what we in America call an idol.  It may be a person,it may be a job title, it may be a politician, it may be the ability to make a specific amount of money.  It may simply be an object  like a house, neighborhood, a job, a car,…a relationship.   It is funny what we determine to be our idols.

Exodus 20:4, the second of the 10 commandments says to “not to make any idols of any kind, whether in the shape of birds or animals of fish.”  Guess those cats in the old testament forgot about this when Moses went up on the big mountain in the Egeptian version of the smokey mountains.  Because these cats made them a cow out of gold.

Seems really unreal to me but I was talking to a banker today about a boat tha cost 390,000 dollars USED…..Now that is something…. and it is something he wanted and not me, thank goodness.  I already have 2 boats….kayaks..  but it is funny what we make as idols in our lives.

It is all around us.  It is like we can not escape it.  But the drive to have more stuff digs us deeper and deeper in debt.  Our desire to get more stuff, better stuff, newer stuff is always driving us.  God wants us to want Him like we want stuff.  He wants us to want to get the newest of what He has to say and not just more stuff.  American Idol…guess it is idols.  louie