Yes, that is correct.  I wanted to bust their windshield.

This is the car that pulled up to beside me on the way home from work on Friday.  Big yellow 5.0 mustang.  Woman driver about 45 with her….young, what appeared to be son, about 16 in the front seat.  Windows in the car down and a stereo system probably worth more than the car.  (this is the judgmental part of me coming out in case you can’t tell.)  They had some boom boom crap going that was just unbelievably loud.  I looked around to see where it was coming from…..and when they saw me…it was like when you want to merge into traffic and the person who holds the space will pretend not to see you!!!  These cats pretended that they were the only ones on earth.   Stereo up…..and an older woman driving….the culprit.

I wanted to get out and  bust out their windshield.  I think I have a hidden anger problem.  Deep down.

So, I thought about them the entire drive home on south Nova road…for over 20 minutes….I seemed to get every red light…and have to listen to them.  I was hyper by the end and really agitated.  It is strange that I never thought about praying for them…..I just got mad.  You ever been like that?

So, I struggle with things that make me mad.  Boom boxes in cars is one of them.  Loud neighbors is another.  It just amazes me that I do not think, first, that God loves them the say way he loves me.  The same, unconditional way,….I may not have a loud stereo or may not be a bad neighbor….but I get mad….I harbor anger toward others,….I am judgmental.  I guess my stereo is loud but just within me.

I am glad God loves me….I wonder if he wants to bust my windshield sometimes?