My 12 year old daughter is in Pop Warner football cheering….well, she was in Pop Warner football cheering.  She is a great child but the late nights and all day Saturday cheering, practicing, pictures, et. al., were just too much to overcome when school tests came about.  The grades have suffered greatly.

I had been praying about how to handle it.  I know for most of you ….. easy decision.  Bad grades = out of cheering.  In my old age, however, and with girls,..I have realized that what a dad says and what a dad does is so important…..but most of all…..HOW he does it is the pinnacle of being a dad.  So, I have been praying about it first.  Figure that.  Instead of just doing it….I sought God.  Not always my style!

She has been praying about her grades and her study habits too.  God has been speaking to my daughter also.  As I went to her last night…going to pull the plug on the cheering deal….I began to ask her had God been speaking to her about her struggling in school.  She said that He had been speaking to her.  He was telling her that cheering was too much.  She felt overwhelmed for weeks.  Man, for weeks she has felt overwhelmed!  Why had I not acted sooner…?

So, now she has this big test on Friday…..she has not studied because cheering took all of her time this last month…..  She might fail the test, but when I know that God has been speaking to her……and she listens…but more importantly, she wants to obey…  Well,….  She has passed the test…….