GPS is a global positioning satellite.  They can show you the way to go..(I did an earlier post on that).  Cars have GPS built in today.  We have one that plugs in.  A neat thing to get around.  They have handheld models today that are really neat.  I like camping, backpacking, kayaking and walking.  I have one but it is first generation old….really hard to work with.  I should have a new one… but I am too cheap. 

I went on  a backpacking/camping tripon the AT with some friends last year.  It was a blast.  The trail boss, Kevin Kinion was a great leader.  I studied the maps, the trails, the elevations, the directions of trails and memorized many details that would help me navigate.  Problem was that I had never gone this route and never with these people.  It was super cold, I was super exerted, there was snow everywhere and I got super anxious.   I had expected, with today’s technology, that Kevin would have one of those nifty GPS hand held deals.  He did not.  He did, however, have a wealth of knowledge, huge confidence,  and had been on this route before.  He knew his way!

Proverbs 3:5-6 says that we should trust in the Lord to direct our paths.  It says that we should not rely on our own understanding of the trail.  It says that if we trust God, that He will direct us.  You see, God is sort of like one of those handheld GPS deals.  We turn it on.  We let it boot up.  It has the answers.  It shows us the way.  That is what God wants us to do….to trust in Him.  He wants to be our handheld (right with us) GPS deal.   If you have been slightly off trail or way off trail.  Maybe it is time for you to turn to God and trust him.