Yep. Bling Bling.  Now, you may not be in the generation to know about bling bling.  So let me help you.  Bling bling is a rapper term that used to just mean flashy jewelery, teeth,…..sort of the newer version of the Mister T look.  Remember him?  Bling bling has sort of morphed into having,…well…stuff.  Not just teeth grills but cars, houses, anything flashy and expensive…Idols?

God’s people got into Bling Bling big time when Moses was up on the mountain for 40 days getting the new rules for the people.  While he is up there…the people get nervous, forget about him and then decide they need some bling bling to worship instead of the God that had taken care of them for so long.  The people made a big golden calf.  An idol. 

The scriptures in Exodus 31 and 32 tell the story of Moses coming off of the mountain and seeing the golden calf that the people had made to worship…while he was up on the mountain getting guidance from God.  Moses was so mad that the people had made bling bling that he burned the calf up, ground up the gold, put it in the water and made the people of Israel drink it.  Bling bling then came out of them through their intestines and bladder. 

The second commandment says to not make any images or idols.  It looks to me like we have a lot of them in our society.  This does not mean we can not have nice stuff.  We just have to be so careful not to obsess with bling bling or anything else.  We can get so puffed up on stuff that it can be gone in a is just stuff !!  You got “stuff” that take up more time than God?  Might be bling.