In more ways than one, circumcision is a touchy subject.  Probably wondering which way I am going with this…..

Circumcision is an outward sign of an inward covenant.  Well, maybe not an outward sign so much to others but…..outward to say the least to most guys in the bathroom.

Abram was 99 years old.  God spoke to him and said, I have a new beginning for you.  I am going to give you a huge family.  Now, this cat was old to be a dad.  He was much older to be….well, circumcised.  It is not like they had some local anesthesia or scalpel. It was done with a knife or sharp stone. 

This whole story is so neat.  Check it out. 

But Abram a few years earlier had short cut God on the family promise.  This was an earlier post.  He slept with another woman to get his son that he thought he could never have.  God did not intend for Abram to do it his own way.  That seems to be what I do when I get into a tight spot…..I don’t tend to just trust God all the time to work it out like He says He will.  I tend to do it my way.  I think my way is the best way…..I tend to ask friends, co-workers, even my family….when God is wanting me to come to him first…..not last. 

This circumcision thing is meant for us to circumcise our heart, to circumcise those things in our lives that keep us away from God.  Circumcision is to be of our own will, our own way, our attitudes.  Circumcision is also painful.  It was for Abram and it is for me…..because I have to give up something….you do to…  God wants us to circumcise those things that are in our way.

And guess what…circumcision is for women too.  louie