Bet you were thinking, Bill Clinton, John Edwards, SC Senator, and on and on and on and on. 

Abram was a pretty cool dude.  He was told by God he was going to be the father of many nations. And God was specific.  He said it would be a son from his own body.   But Abram was old.  He, as well as his wife, Sarai, were very impatient with God.  I get that way too a lot of times. 

Sarai, the wife,  tells Abram, the husband, why don’t you hook up with our servant Hagar and see if, through her, we can have a family.  Hook up with our servant?  I keep waiting for my wife to say that….but it ain’t happening.  But, Abram…a good husband, did what his wife said.   The scriptures say….he agreed to what his wife said…..  Bet he did.. He hooked up with Hagar. 

Now, this sort of stuff usually does not work out so good.  It did not here either.  A son, Ishmael, was born and the servant and wife weren’t exactly tea party friends.  Eve, in Genesis 3:6-7, told Adam basically the same thing.  Come on Adam.  This fruit is ok.  Take a bite.

Now, in case you think I am woman bashing….. I am not.  I am just focusing on disobedience…infidelity….cheating.  I don’t care where it comes from.  But I am going into another area tomorrow on disobedience with this guy Abram (Abraham).  And what I want to say tonight is that disobedience or impatience with God is going to divert your life into areas that are not good.  Eating a wormy apple like in Adam and Eve or sleeping with the hired help, like Abram and Sarai….is not going where God wants you to go. 

Think about your timing and what God is saying to you.  If you shortcut what He is saying to you… you are cheating on Him.  You (and me) are being unfaithful.  It will be a mess and will cost you in the end.