This is my Friday Post..  I saw today where a dad and a child were at a baseball game together….this is a good thing.  Dad catches a foul ball…..a treat at a baseball game….and is just overjoyed with it, knuckle punching his buddies.  (I need to do some knuckle punching with somebody because it seems a cool thing to do nowadays. )

 Then like a loving dad,…he passes on the treat, the coveted caught baseball,  to his child, in this case, a very  young daughter.  Then, the little girl just tosses the ball back out over the edge onto the field. 

Since I have been doing this pop warner football cheerleading gig with my younger daughter…I have seen some parents that …..well, take this stuff pretty seriously.  Now, make no doubt about it, I want to win…but I don’t want to yell, scream, get mad, throw down my visor via Spurrier style, or just get all riled up over ….. well,….. stuff.  I think we sometimes take life too serious. 

I cut down on my words this post, well below 300 so you can watch….well, a good dad’s reaction.  This is how God feels about you when you throw it back.  Baseball, football, a fish, whatever, …God does not care if you throw it back.  Check out this dad.  I want to be more like this dad and more like God.  louie