He even did a commandment on it.  The 4th commandment. 

Says to keep the Sabbath Holy.  All these other days,  work.  Set one aside.  You, your household, your workers…..all that stuff.  Enough is enough. Go to the beach.  So, you don’t live near the beach like me… then a park, the mountains, the porch….anywhere away from…well,…”stuff”.

The Jewish Sabbath is really a Friday night to Saturday night.  The family would have a meal, father would bless the children.  They would chill and talk about the exodus, God and all that sort of stuff.  No Fox in one room, Sponge Bob in another and Disney in another, Nancy Grace in another…

Ours does not have to have a day designation.  This sabbath thing is about resting…..and resting in God.  Resting with God.  We have a lot of excuses not to do this.  A lot of them are attached to our electronic world.  We sat down the other evening and watched the Wizard of Oz..(ok sock it to me..bad stuff, wizards and witches).  But we just chilled.  All phones off, computers off, answering machines off….withdrawl into a sabbath. 

I may be stretching this a little, but have to get to a point in 300 words or less…and that is….keeping the Sabbath holy is as much about slowing down and recharging, looking to God,….putting down our stuff and listening to God and being with our family(s), churches, or those that need us to keep them company because they don’t have any family….BE their family as it is about some religious day. 

Keep you holy.  Enough is enough.  Really.  Go to the beach.