My wife and I were examining our lives.  Sort of a one on one thing we were doing to see if we were doing the things we were supposed to be doing and to see if there were some things that we no longer needed to do.

 Just like most of  you, we have work, kids, homework, packing lunches, Tracey teaches 2 nights a week, we have church on sunday where we prepare lessons, church on Wednesday where we prepare lessons, Tracey is finishing an associates degree and just finished a  year of seminary, blog, emails at work and home, kids events…just all that stuff…..just like your stuff…just our stuff.

I was sitting at the computer one afternoon after work…..going through my facebook for swervechurch.  Good Godly thing right?  Absolutely!  Praise God.  It was a beautiful afternoon out, cooling down.  My son Tyler was patiently standing beside me saying “let’s go play dad,…lets ride our bikes dad, … lets play catch dad.”  Each time it met with a, “in a minute son…when I finish this.”

He tapped me on the shoulder and said, “just turn that off…lets go play.” 

I had been praying that God would show me what things in my life, if any, I needed to back away from.  Guess I was looking for an email from Him.  I had my sign.  It was my son who needed a dad more than he needed to hear another neat story from Facebook. 

I had come face to face with Facebook. ….  through my son.  I turned off Facebook…went out and played. 

 May the God of the universe show you if there are things you too need to turn off and just go outside and play.  Ask God,…He will help you, like He helps me, to prioritize our lives.