That is what I ask one of my teenage daughters when she said,…”that sucks”.    “What did you say?”, I asked.

She repeated it.  She had no idea.

Now, I am an old guy.   I am old fashioned.  I know that.   I am not lily white in everything I do.  Far from it.   I know that.   I also, have said some pretty stupid stuff.  I know that.  But when I heard what she said,….I took her aside and asked her if she really knew what that meant.  She did not…..I could tell by the redness in her face when I told her what it really meant…. every anatomical detail…..she knows now.

What we say is so important.  The words that we say set a standard for those around us to sort of see where we are coming from.  Our words can have a profound effect on the outcome of our lives and those around us.  I remember an elementary school math teacher that told me I was stupid and could never do math……  I believed her….so sad.  I have a dad and mom that told me I could do anything I wanted…. I believed them.

You see, our words  can either bless or curse.  This is recorded in the scriptures in the old testament.  We can bless or curse with just our words.  I have lived that.   The scriptures also record that we will one day have to give account of our words.  Are you careful about what you say?  Do you know what you say impacts others?

I am going to hit on this Saturday the 12th at Swervechurch, 6pm at TLC.  One hour. Promise.