James 1:2 says to consider it pure joy when you face trials of many kinds. 

This is not the sort of thing I would normally consider.  Especially when I was much younger….well, sometimes not even now.  I have, however, looked back on my life when times were tough….when I had faced trials of many kinds…..and thought about my growth in times like those.

It seems that tough times will sometimes drive us closer to God.  Now, I know it should not be like that.  But that is how it is in my life sometimes.  I considered a failed marriage almost 25 years ago….and realized that I needed to mature some.  I considered some lost children during pregnancy of my wife….and it has helped me love the children I have much more.  I have considered being in debt where I had to make decisions about medicine or house payments because of very sick children and …. I considered it and I got out of debt.  I considered some daily life decisions that did not make me a better person….and well, I am still working on some of them.

The scriptures go on to say that we should consider these times so that we can persevere and lack nothing.  These scriptures tell us to consider these things that happen to us and to count them as joy so that we can end up lacking nothing.  You see, when we put our faith in Jesus….it does not matter what happens…  we end up lacking nothing… just consider it.