Probably not a good title for a Christian Blog huh?

Ever been in the room naked and someone walked in on you?  OK maybe not totally naked but even partially naked.  Sort of like in a doctor’s office, maybe the gym or health club locker area.  Sort of freeky…for everyone.  It can even be a little embarrassing with a family member that might walk in on you when you are not sufficiently covered up.  Even someone  you love and who loves you.

Genesis 3:10 talks about this.  Adam and Eve had the run of the garden.  It does not really mention before this verse, but they had the shine on all the time.  Full Monty.  Then, they hit the disobedience tree….ever been there?  That is the place you know you are not supposed to be, the time you are not supposed to be there doing the things you know you are not supposed to be doing… are…well, butt naked…and you get caught.  I have been there.

Adam and Eve too!  God, who loved them more than anything else came into the room rumbling the bushes and they hid….because they were naked….they were busted.  That is how I feel when I am not obedient.  I feel naked. 

I am still working on this obedience thing….daily….because at my age…naked ain’t pretty.