I thought we were sort of over this racism thing in America.  But I guess I am just fooling myself. 

I was at a Pop Warner football game this past Saturday and I was on the side of the team that had predominantly white players, coaches and parents.  Predominantly.  Not exclusively.  The other team was predominantly African-American players, coaches and parents.  Predominantly.  Not exclusively.  Both great teams, great coaches, great parents.

A big white guy from the predominantly white side was yelling at the referees.  He was making some veiled, or at least I took it as veiled comments to the African-American referees about the color of their calls….it irritated me.  Shortly thereafter, he was ejected from the field.  Good decision. 

 So, I began to think about this and why this sort of thing still occurs.  I thought about the Van Jones,…Obama Green Jobs Czar comments and how racism is not just a white thing or a black thing.  Racism is a bad thing. 

Then I thought about our churches across America.  The richest country in the world.  A country built on religious freedom.  A nation….One Nation….Under God….indivisible…..or are we.  I thought about my friend Eric Porter….godly man….my friend.  He goes to a predominantly black church.  He is black.  I go to a predominantly white church.  Iam white.  We are both good people. 

Then I thought about what the scriptures say in Galatians 3:28,  ….  that we are all the same.  It says that we are not one or the other…. I will take liberty to say or add to the scripture….in context here I do believe…. that we are not black or white either…. Racism in church today?  Surely not.