Labor Day coming up.  Perfect timing.

So, to wrap this prodigal son gig up..(because I have some good stuff that I have been wanting to share)….this prodigal son thing…..it started with a conversation between me and my dad, Ray Mercer.  Just an outstanding person.  He told me about the Prodigal Son, then he told me about the pouting son.  We talked for a long time….just good time between father and son…..and I did most of the listening….  My dad focused in on the father and the feast….the Slab O Ribs the bad boy got.   

See, I am a father now,…for about 28 years but my dad…he is cooking at about 50+ years as a dad.  I respect what he says.  I respect him.  He is a good dad.  He has got his crud together.

He says, this prodigal son thing is all backwards.  Every preacher wants to talk about the prodigal son.  But it is about the father.  You see, until you are a father…..(or mother) you best not judge the actions of a father (or mother).  I thought I had fathering all figured out….until I was a father.

This father in Luke waited every day for the son that left to come home.  He also was with the son that stayed….working with him, side by side….still able to give him all he had.  You see, God loves both of these boys who are really more similar than different.  They both really needed help. 

God never sleeps.  He is waiting for us,…just like this Luke 15 gig….forever.  Come back to God right now…this Friday.  God is waiting for you and your marriage,…you and your finances,….you and your kids…. you and your depression,….you and your hidden sins…..you and your boss….you and your everything….  God has a Slab O Ribs for you and for me.  Let’s hit it.   Oh, and thanks dad.. I love you.