In Luke 15 I have been hitting on what my Dad shared with me the other night about the prodigal son, the brother and the dad.  Not bad stuff for an 80+ year old dad. So, I shared about my dad.  Hit on  the messed up son, which was me, and now….what a good boy.

When you look at the good boy, he is the one that stayed and worked while his brother went out and hooked with hookers, drank and copped some weed. Well, maybe not all of this but this is the picture.  Now the bad boy comes back and the dad throws a party for the bad boy.  The good boy is not impressed and is mad at the dad.  Normal reaction……especially for a son that is not getting the party.  Especially a son that has not yet been a father.  Now there is something about being a father that you just can’t evaluate until you have been a father. 

The record in scripture says that the good boy, the son that stayed and worked was mad and would not go in the house.  This son hung out on the porch and pouted.  Now, he was good in that he stayed and worked for his dad but was he that good?  His dad was restoring a son, the bad boy, but the good boy was mad. 

This good son, well, if he had been so good, he would have understood what the father wanted to do.  I have been mad at my earthly dad and my heavenly dad.  I have stood on the porch and peeked through the drapes and not entered in. 

Next time, the very essence of God in this story…. the father.  What my dad really wanted me to know.