This post can sometimes be…well, can stretch the “religious” edges but….Boys will be boys.  This stuff is in the bible!  That is one of the things my dad shared with me the other night.   This post is 2 of 4 posts on this subject. 

This prodigal son thing in Luke 15:11-31.  This one boy wanted everything his father had.  His father gave it to him and let him leave.  This prodigal was just like me in some stages of my life.  Selfish, strong headed, hard headed, wanting what I wanted when I wanted.  Now it may not be you but it was me.  Yep, the bad stuff.

I sometimes still want what I want.  It may not be sex, drugs and rock and roll but it may be just as bad….. a self centered way of thinking at times, an always right attitude at times,….judgmental at times…..just not what it should be.   Shoot…. sometimes I don’t want to come home to kids, lunches, bathes, homework, problems, issues….I want to eat, watch the news, read the paper…go to bed…….man this sounds bad doesn’t it?  I don’t mean it to but sometimes I just hate stuff and I want my own way.  May not be women, it may be….partying and the such….but it is still selfish. 

So, I will head out like this young boy….maybe in my mind….but Jesus raised the bar and said that, “You have heard it said, do not commit adultery….but I say that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.”  Busted.

So, my dad the other night shared with me about this, boys will be boys, person.  But it is not who he focused on.  That is coming up.  But, next time….what a good boy.  The other son.  But I am not stopping  there.  One to go after that.  It will bless you.