I am messed up.  I struggled today with my kids and my work.  This past week I was at near overload.  Some days,….I just do not want to get out of bed…  Sounds like depression to me sometimes….but not me.  Just so many things coming at me.  Probably just like you!!    So, tonight I just wanted to run some things by my dad.  He is still alive and 83 years old.  I am glad he is still here.  I am glad he answered the phone.

We were talking and I was just hitting on the things I had that were troubling me.  I knew deep down that he could not “change” things.  I knew he could not just take over my life and fix the “issues” I have had with my children and my workplace decisions.  I just wanted to talk to him.  It was sweet.  It gave me peace.  It feels good to just talk with dad.

So, my weekly blogs this week will be pieces of what he had to share with me.  Tonight, Monday night, you may read it on Tuesday, is about just talking with my dad.

You may not have had a relationship with your dad like me and my siblings do….it is so nice.  But what I want to share with you in the next few blogs is about The Father.  My dad shared this with me tonight about the father and the sons and the relationships between them….

So, hang  with me the next few days.  Also, check out what my buddy Mike is hitting on.  He is an up front guy too. 

Son number one next…..”boys will be boys”.  Check it out next.