That is what I got sometimes when growing up.  How about you?  I thought it was sort of lame when I was young but the older I got,….the more I realized that mom and dad did not want to have to debate with me about certain things.  They said it…… and it was as they said.  Well……like…..”don’t play with those matches”….I remember that I had a gas can….matches….and…well, the rest is history.  It was,…..”be careful with that table saw…it can hurt  you”…… 20 stitches later….  They were right….because they said so.  They had been there!  They had experienced it!

Those were warnings. On the positive side of the ledger…. Mom and Dad also told me that I could do anything I wanted to do.  They told me that I could become anything I wanted to become.  They said that I could accomplish anything I wanted to accomplish….they said that if I followed God, He would guide me and direct me…..because they said so.  They had experienced it!

Jesus told his disciples….and by extension, us, to heal the sick, cast out demons, preach the gospel.  Because he said so.  He meant it.  He had experienced it!   He gave us power and authority to accomplish this.  He did it with the apostles, with the 72 and then with any that believe……..

Are there areas of your life where things are a little sticky, a little gooey, a little, well, messed up?   God wants you to be victorious.  He wants you to overcome “stuff’ in your lives…and me in my life.  It is simple.   Ask God, He will speak to you, He probably already is… and then believe.   

Walk in the victory God has for your life.  This Monday morning…..this week, know that God loves you.  Because He Said So!