I was eating lunch today with my brother Frank and a friend of ours, Russell Holloway.  Russell is a cool guy.  He has helped us with Church for Men when men….many of which, would need counseling.  Russell is a counselor. 

That is probably one reason he hangs out with me and Frank…..because he probably gets a kick out of just how messed up we really are, and in a buddy sort of way….the way only a good buddy can do….. he laughs at us and does not have to try to figure out what is wrong and how to fix it.  He gets to get out of his work mode and just hang out.  Unplug time.

Well, he had to work today.  I was irritated at a thing that is upcoming and I could see Russell, in a loving way, put on his game face.  He was smooth.  I could not even see it coming.  Frank sat back and watched and smiled and before I knew it…..I was had.  Russell eased in with his counsel on and had me look at the situation in a different way.  I took the bait and agreed with it….then I realized I had been counseled.  Man he was good. 

He later told me that he “reframed” the situation.  I had been reframed and did not even know it.  It made a lot of sense too!  Then Frank said that this was the last time I was getting free counseling from Russell and for me to leave him alone. 

Proverbs 27:17says, as iron sharpens iron, so does one man sharpen another.  I had been sharpened and reframed and I did not even know it.  Man it helped me….I am better for it.   …………  You need reframnig…??  Maybe an area of your life?