OK… French Kiss is like not what I mean… but I do mean the tongue.  

The previous blog I talked about some non-carnal or spiritual weapons you can use…  Here is one..  This is a couple of day gig.  You will see what I mean.

One of the non-carnal weapons is the tongue.  Now, make no mistake about it….it can be a problem as well as a solution.  I have experienced that first hand.  Foot in the mouth.  But the tongue can be a big time non-carnal…spiritual weapon.  Try it sometime on the negative side if you don’t believe me.  The bad spirit side of the ledger. 

What I mean is ….. speak negatively to someone about them or a situation…..  like say…. “man, you look terrible today” or “wow, you crashed on that one”, or get really in the gutter like a math teacher did with me in 5th grade….  “you are stupid”.  That killed me, it ruined me for math.  You see, I believed that.  I believed what she said.  She was a teacher, a leader, someone I respected.

James 3:2 says that if we are able to control what we say, then we are perfect and able to control our whole body.  I wish I could control my whole body… but I can’t even control my tongue.   

But it is a weapon.   And it is easy to see,….in the mall, at work, just in life how parents, husbands, wives, bosses…..kill others with the tongue.  It just tears people apart.   You have seen them yell at each other or their kids or you have been  the object of an errant boss.  The tongue is a big time weapon.  Think how it has effected you.

Tomorrow…..hopefully some good side offensive stuff on the tongue.  Old and then new testament stuff.  You can grow from this stuff.  Trust me.