Ever seen a toy gun?  Not one like the ones that really really look real.  I mean the old toy gun like kids used to wear in a holster when they dressed up like cowboys.  It is not politically correct to have kids do this anymore.  My son has a couple of those toy guns and he dresses up like a cowboy.   They are absolutely toy guns….no doubt about it.  A real bad guy would look at them and laugh.  But to my son….they are real and he rides around the house shooting stuff.  He is in a battle with the bad cowboys.

We are too!  Now we have real guns and there are bad people.  But I am talking about our spiritual battles.  Our struggles that are not against physical cowboys, not against flesh and blood.  So our weapons have to be different!  I talked about this earlier. (read if you have time)   1  2  3  4 

In 2 Corinthians 10:4, the scriptures say that we have weapons.  It says that our weapons are not carnal….not something we can put our hands on.  That does not make them weak or ineffective or not powerful.  This scripture says that these non-carnal weapons are mighty in God for pulling down strongholds. 

Do you have areas in your life that present strongholds?  Do you have things that are battles for you?  I want to encourage you right now.  You have weapons in the spirit, weapons in God, that are mighty.   They are yours to use.  See me here next time for some of those weapons and be blessed and encouraged today.