Not the snow kind….but the correction fluid stuff.  It is goopy, liquid with a little brush attached to the top.  It is really kind of old fashion now.  You may not even know what it is.  It is sort of made cooler now by being on a roller strip gig sometimes.  But it is correction fluid or a strip thing so that when you make a mistake on a typed paper or some document you cant correct easily…. it can be corrected..  It can be whited out and changed.  It is like pre-computer. 

2 Timothy 3:16-17 talks about scripture sort of being white out.  It says all scripture is good for teaching, training, rebuking and correcting.  Funny how I focus on the correction and rebuking side of it.  Truth is… we all need correcting from time to time.  Our lives are a large project.  Sometimes we need to white out some things that we have messed up on. 

This correction mentioned is so that we can be equipped.